Young Stewards                                                                                                      

Brief Summary                                                                                    

Here at the Christina Lake Stewardship Center we have the opportunity to meet with people from around the Lake and those who travel from various localities to spend their time here. We often hear how much these people appreciate the beauty and bounty of the area, and we receive much positive feedback regarding the work the Stewardship Society at Christina Lake does.

Admission is by Donation

Pre-registration is required for Thursday sessions. Please note that this is a parent(s) and child activity.
Registration is limited to 10 children (plus their caregivers per session). A sign-up sheet will be at the Welcome Centre Desk or phone to reserve your spot at 250-447-2504.
Ages: Individual workshops are customized to suit ages 5-12.


Christina Lake is the warmest tree lined lake in B.C. But the question is will it stay like that? We hope so. Concerns of fires and storms have made people worried, so to solve the problem they cut down trees. During this last wind storm a small tree fell down because one lot was cleared of trees. This made their space for the wind to swirl and cause a tree to come down. We want Christina Lake to stay beautiful like it is today, not like a busy noisy city. People come here because it is a beautiful lake. Then they change it just because of their fears. Well, by cutting down trees it makes it more likely for a tree to fall down because there is space for the wind to get powerful. We don’t like bare spots all over the lake there are already two and we didn’t even want that. Two is more than enough-We don’t even want one. What we want is ZERO. Christina Lake is so beautiful with its trees and bushes. So please try to keep it as beautiful as it is.



Clean-up Invasive weeds and Litter – Jesse Malon, Age 17, St. Paul Alberta

I come to Christina Lake every summer for a few years now. I come from northern Alberta and I really enjoy the hot weather and the lake and the river. Last year I worked for a Scuba and landscaping company at the Lake and I learned about the milfoil problem that you have at Christina Lake. This plant is so hard to control because it spreads with every tiny bit that breaks off. I am worried about the native plants not being able to take back the lake, and the fish need these plants for their habitat! I am always hearing about the “invasive” plants – in the water and weeds on land – and the insects and animals too! The pine beetle is hitting B.C. really hard and no one can figure out how to stop it. Christina Lake is beautiful and many people come from all over the world to spend time here. The tourists need to remember to clean up after themselves more because all of these non-native plants had to come from somewhere. So my idea is that with a little more effort, this place could be a lot healthier and better for all of us who come here. Never leave your litter around. Why not have a look around the cabin you rent for the week and pick some hoary alyssum? You could take a close look at your boat’s prop and clean off any milfoil. Try not to drive your boat through the milfoil patches too! Lets pay attention to what we are leaving behind us so that next year its just as awesome a place to come spend time.



Styrofoam – Jenna

Almost every day that I am down at the beach I find a piece or more of Styrofoam. Why is my beach like this now? Noodles. Styrofoam breaks off and goes on our beaches. Plus where does it go when it gets all moldy and torn? On our beaches! When I was little, I used to go on noodles. I know that they’re fun but who wants a bunch of Styrofoam pieces on their beach? Now I realize how bad they are for the environment. I’d also like people to notice that Styrofoam under docks will sooner or later break off and fall apart-especially in storms. Do fish eat the tiny Styrofoam bits? When we catch them do †hey have chemicals in them? Once we catch them do we eat them with chemicals? If you can’t let go of your noodle please just bring them up past high water mark or safe from storms. Please avoid use of: Styrofoam cups, plates, noodles, and Styrofoam floats under your docks.