Wildlife and Species at Risk Monitoring Program


The Christina Lake Watershed has a diversity of different species but unfortunately, 205 of those plant and animal species are endangered.

Gopher Snake

One of the last undeveloped locations at Christina Lake is the Nature Park within District Lot 498. This location is invaluable to many species including breeding birds, mammals, and reptiles, and is home to many of the Species at Risk within our watershed. It is an important resting and feeding location for animals, and must be protected in order to preserve its wildlife values. By protecting these important wildlife habitats we can ensure that the Species at Risk within the area do not go extinct.

Monitoring the wildlife within our region is important because when we know what we have in our area, we can manage the species properly. Whether it be raising awareness about important wildlife corridors, or encouraging wildlife safety, the data collected on the animal populations within the area is used by the Christina Lake Stewardship Society in many ways. CLSS has also incorporated the use of Trail Cameras into this program, in order to see what animals are doing without prying human eyes. Some of this footage can be seen below.

Another aspect of the program is teaching WildSafeBC (Bear Aware) every Saturday morning throughout the summer at our Interactive Gallery, and we hope through education we can mitigate human-wildlife conflicts. These sessions teach those of all ages how to be safe in the wild, and also how to keep wildlife safe. Christina Lake is a hub for animals, so we need to learn how to live together!