The Christina Lake Watershed Management Plan

 Brief Summary

The Christina Lake Watershed is located in south-central British Columbia within the Monashee Mountain Range of the Columbia Mountains physiographic province. Environmental health is the foundation of economic prosperity in the Boundary Region, and is of particular importance to the Christina Lake area. The long term stability of this environmentally based economy depends on maintaining and restoring the environmental health of the lake and surrounding watershed. All this said, with human settlement and higher tourism levels, community concerns have risen over the last two decades on issues such as, water quality, habitat degradation, protection of native fish stocks and wildlife stocks, lake access and capacity, and Eurasian watermilfoil and the impact that this species can have on recreational values. The citizens of this community want to maintain the quality of life, which originally attracted them to this area while realizing that the very environment they want to conserve and protect is the major economic force within this region.


The overall mission of the Christina Lake Management Plan (CLMP) planning process and implementation strategy is to devise methods “to preserve and protect the quality and health of the Christina Lake Watershed”. This CLMP and accompanying Implementation Strategy Manual is intended to provide long-term direction to the Christina Lake Stewardship Society (CLSS) and Project Partners in the undertaking of projects to improve the quality of the watershed.



CLWMP Strategy Manual 2005



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