Native Plant Nursery and Restoration Demonstration Site


The Christina Lake Nature Park provides the community and visitors with spectacular vistas, wildlife viewing, and numerous recreational activities. Unfortunately, past land use has left the site degraded and invasive Reed canary grass has taken over, preventing native plant communities from returning. In 2015, restoration of portions of the foreshore to native riparian/wetland plant communities began. This restoration will ensure long-term maintenance of wildlife habitat and water quality, and will also be used as an educational venue for the public, landowners, visitors, and local school groups.



Also in 2015, the construction of a Native Plant Nursery was completed in vicinity of the Christina Lake Welcome Centre. The plants being grown like, Red osier dogwood, Willows, Mock orange, and many others are being used for the restoration of the shoreline, and other habitat enhancement projects throughout the Boundary. Although in its beginning stages, the Native Plant Nursery will be a public venue to showcase different techniques used to propagate and grow these plants for restoration on their own property


If you would like to be a part of this exciting project, contact our office for more information, or come down and see all the work we are doing. Thank-you to all of our supporters that made this program a reality!